Please join us to reunite with friends from 20 years ago!

Saturday August 12th, 2017  7pm- bar close

Grumpy's Fairlawn room
2801 Snelling Ave
Roseville, MN 55113

Ticket price includes a buffet of appetizers, dessert, decorations, DJ, photobooth and event fees.             
        There will be our own private cash bar as well.

We will have a silent auction during the event. Money made from the auction will be given to a(n) irondale student(s) in the form of a scholarship. The reunion planning committee is collecting items for the auction. If you are interested in donating items or know someone that will, please contact

Everyone is welcome to bring a date. They must have a ticket as well.

We know that flights, hotels, babysitters and whatnot can all add up quickly. More than anything we would not want the price of coming to interfere with seeing you. We have tickets available (Completely confidential) to take the weight off. For more information contact Donations will be accepted.

Join the Facebook page entitled  "IHS '97 Reunion" for updates, to submit photos, help us find "lost" classmates, and more!

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IHS class of 97 20th reunion$ 35.00
When:08/12/2017 7:00pm
Where:Grumpy's Fairlawn room
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Alex Kolmer
Alina Cimbura
Alisha Harrison
Alison Conely
Alison Mullaney (Henderson)
Andrew Elmquist
Andrew Schock
Andy Martin
August Johnson (McLaughlin)
Barb May (Schochenmaier)
Becky Kjeseth (Perry)
Bob Cahow
Brad DeLong
Brian Dickinson
Brian Nordstrom
Candace Sidor
Cara Pooley (Kolmer)
Casey Cameron
Casey Kleis
Catie Peck (Peck-Long)
Cecilia Kromrey (Govrik)
Chelsea Peck (Peck-zebro)
Chesley Krull
Christina Ramlet (Christensen)
Christina Moses
Christine Haugen (Lambert)
Coventry McKay
Craig Flippen
Crystal Hokanson
Dana Gardas (Johnson)
Danielle Romero (McClarey)
Darin Long
David DeCoux
David Lambert
David Rife
David Schafer (Schafer)
Derek Johnson
Elizabeth Bacha (Foltz)
Emmanuel Canaan
Erica West (Anderson-West)
Erica Olsen (Antony)
Erik Wyatt
Erin Nosko (Hedge)
Heidi Freitager (Freitager-Kirkaldy)
Heidi Stanfiel
Holly Barron (Gustafson)
Jackie Poston (Wyatt)
Jacqui Blasiak (Wisner)
James Conely
Janelle Erickson (Schock)
Jared Hendrickson
Jason Henderson
Jason Kozak
Jeannette Cleland (Cleland)
Jeff Boynton
Jen Guertin (Bennek)
Jennifer Paczkowski (Henry)
Jessica Carter (Schmidt)
Jill Favilla (Braun)
Jocelyn Ragan
Joel Borgen
John Floss
Jon Hokanson
Judy Anderson (Phillips)
Julie Harmsen (Bollenbach)
Julie Klaphake (Mazza)
Julie Rosenberg (Peterson)
Justin Cimbura
Karen Neinstadt
Katie Schleeter (Derezinski)
Katie Isiminger
Katie Chell (Marko)
Kelly Behning (Canaan)
Kelly DeVries
Kim Johnson
Kim Sapetta (Otto)
Kimberlee Holmberg (Johnson)
Kristin DeLong (Johnson)
Kristina Rindal (Borgen)
Lara Osewalt (Leininger)
Laura Laura Gagner (Brinkman)
Lindsey Bjornson (Gunstad)
Lindsey Lesher (Lesher Erickson)
Linnea Arvidson (Fischer)
Loren DeVries
Mandy Larson (Wetrosky)
Melanie Melbo
Melissa Sullivan (Berg)
Meredith Tussing (Tussing)
Michael Wisner
Michelle Squier (Peterschick)
Mike Osterlie
Mike Perry
Mina Johnson (Osterlie)
Mindy Jordan
Mindy Anderson (McGill)
Molly Secord (Speltz)
Nate Reker
Rashae Murray (Schafer)
Renae Morgan (Grave)
Rick Zebro
Roger Otto
Ross Bennek
Ryan Speltz
Sara Plumedahl (Gascho)
Sara Ann Schwebach (Pogorely)
Sarah Guest (Heintz)
Sasha Siegfried (Beckrich)
Sheila Berg (Cavallaro)
Stephanie Brever (Drew)
Stephanie Elmquist (Kent)
Steve Johnson
Steve Marx
Tanya Frederickson (Nordstrom)
Todd Sidor
Tom Drew
Tracy Thalhuber (Hafeman)
Valerie Kirk
Total 118